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A 2-hour Erotic Experience to Reignite Your Passion

Where the Ancient Art of Tantra Meets the Modern Day Bedroom

This is For You If You Are...

  • Feeling disconnected- Always busy with the day-to-day tasks of life. Exhausted by the end of the day. Stuck in their thoughts and head with all the things that need their attention, which makes the last thing on their mind a desire to make love.

  • No desire for sex - or not the same levels of desire. He wants it all the time and she rarely wants it.

  • Bored and routine sex that feels like a chore. Just going through the motions almost out of obligation, you feel guilty if you don’t but it is unsatisfying when you do..

  • Questioning if the relationship will last. Not like how it was during the “Honeymoon phase” of the relationship and now wondering if this is all there is. Feeling like they are settling.

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    Join Us On This Journey, If You Are Looking For...

  • Deep Intimacy

  • Connection

  • Increased desire and passion

  • Return to the Honeymoon phases of the relationship and stay there.

  • Full-body orgasms

  • Bliss, love and ecstasy

  • Enjoying bliss and pleasure

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    Things You Will Discover....

    Tantric Practice #1

    Learn about what is your intention for the evening? This practice allows you both to get crystal clear on what you want to experience. Some common intentions are deeper connection, to be seen, to be open and loving, to experience something new. 

    Tantric Practice #2

    This practice will help you to release the stresses of your day. You will drop out of your mind and into your body, bringing your awareness into the present moment. With gentle breathwork and connecting to your partner back-to-back, you will begin to initiate a deep connection.

    Tantric Practice #3

    This is a simple but powerful communication exercise that you can use over and over again in your relationship. You will each take turns sharing your fears, loves and desires and begin to open your hearts and deepen your intimacy.

    Tantric Practice #4

    Now that the two of you are feeling seen, validated and connected on an emotional level, you will begin to connect energetically. This practice is to really open your hearts to one-another and to see your partner at a soul level.

    Tantric Practice #5

    This juicy practice is all about stimulating and awakening the 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste & Touch. You can be as tame or as wild as you desire. Get creative and have fun. There is a PDF guide inside the program with a list of ideas to spark your creativity.

    Tantric Practice #6

    The pinnacle of the evening is this final practice. Here you will sit in the Yab Yum position and engage in a powerful breathwork practice. You will begin to tap into the energy in your Root Chakra and awaken the sensations in your genitals.

    Now you might be thinking you do not have any experience of Tantra.

    Yesss, It will surely work and you don not need to have any previous experience with Tantra or spirituality. This program meets you where you are at and teaches you the 6 foundational Tantric practices that can be used over and over again. The more you practice, the deeper your experiential learning will be.

    Meet Your Coach

    My 10 year marriage ended in divorce. We were disconnected, busy with two young children, he was working full-time, I was running a business and we never saw each other. When we did connect it was doing groceries, housework, kids stuff - we just drifted apart. I was stressed with the two young children and running a business. We weren’t intimate, he had needs that I couldn’t fulfill because the last thing on my mind was sex and intimacy. I saw it as a chore and another thing on my to-do list rather than knowing that pleasure would have been a source of power.

    We split and it was the more horrific experience of my life. I travelled to India to find myself and heal my broken heart. Here I discovered Tantra and I knew I had to share this ancient practice and wisdom with as many people as I could. I believe Tantra is the answer for long-term couples to keep the passion alive everyday and to heal the blocks to intimacy that stand between them.

    -Jennifer Love

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    See What Our Other Clients Are Saying...

    “Jennifer’s tantric date nights beat chocolate and Netflix any day! With the stress of the last couple of years we find it is more important than ever to set aside time to reconnect intimately. There is a lot of negative energy out there so Jennifer’s date nights are great way to clear ourselves, refocus on each other and replenish the good energy that comes from close physical contact with one another." 

    Amy & Brian

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    Sexy Spotify Playlist

    3 hours of sensual Tantric music to play along with your Date Night experience.

    Pleasure Pieces Checklist

    My top 10 pleasure pieces to add to your Tantric Love Temple to awaken Shakti and make your evening unforgettable

    Reading list

    Recommended reading list to deepen your journey on the path of Tantra.

    Master Bedroom into a Tantric Love Temple PDF

    How to Transform your Master Bedroom into a Tantric Love Temple so you can.....


    Worksheet to Integrate your Experience so you can.....

    Tantric Night Preparation PDF

    How to Prepare for your Tantric Date Night so you can make the most out of it.

    Tantric Date Nights Facebook Community 

    Tantric Date Nights Facebook Community so you can connect with like minded people and get all thed esired support in this journey

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    Intimacy Coaching Call

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    This is all what you are going to get

  • Tantra Date Nights Experience ..... Value $297

  • Sexy Spotify Playlist ..... Value $47

  • Pleasure Pieces Checklist .....Value $47

  • Reading List ..... Value $47

  • Master Bedroom into a Tantric Love Temple PDF.. Value $97

  • Worksheet To Integrate Your Experience..... Value $97

  • Tantric Night Preparation PDFeading List ..... Value $47

  • $500 OFF Coupon of a Live Workshop

    .....Value $500

  • Exclusive Facebook Community Access ..... Value $97

  • Intimacy Coaching Call...... Value $500

  • Total Value $ 1776

    Normal Price $ 197

    Get it Today For Just $97

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I need to do to prepare for the Tantric Date Night?

    Preparing for your Tantric Date Night is easy. You will want to set up your sacred space, gather a few items and get yourself prepared by having a steamy shower or warm bubble bath before you begin. There is an entire PDF guide inside the program walking you through it step-by-step. 

    Do I need to purchase anything else?

    This will be entirely up to you. You may have everything you need at home already and you wont need to purchase anything else for your evening. However, you may want to purchase a bouquet of flowers or roses, perhaps a bottle of wine, some candles, or any other items that will help make this experience unforgettable. There is a bonus PDF included with items you may want to purchase but none of them are absolutely necessary.

    I am never "in the mood" and I have lost my desire to be intimate, any suggestions?

    I completely understand and this is actually more common than you think. With the stresses and busyness of daily life, sex and intimacy can feel like a chore and it may end up being the LAST thing on your mind. This is why having a REGULAR Tantric Date Night with your partner is SOOOOOO important. This date night is not about sex (although it may lead there), it is about deep connection. It is about you and your partner being focused on the same thing - making your relationship a top priority. The more you practice this experience, the more you will come to find that your power lies asleep in your pleasure ;)

    I feel awkward being naked with my partner, I don’t know if I can do this

    Totally appreciate you feeling awkward, especially with trying something new that you may not have experienced before. You get to decide what you wear during your Tantric Date Night. You can both wear comfy yoga clothes or pjs, although I would recommend wearing something specific for your date night, something that makes you feel like a Queen or a Goddess. Consider wearing a sexy piece of lingerie or a sarong. You will also dim the lights for the experience, with only candles or salt lamps lit. 

    My partner and I have been fighting and feeling disconnected, will this help us?

    YES! This Tantric Date Night experience is the fastest way to reconnect with your partner. You will both need to be open to the experience so if there is any underlying anger or resentment, you may need to address that first (you wont want to be fighting during this experience). The date night will lead you step-by-step through 6 practices to bring you closer than ever and deepen your connection to each other at a heart and soul level, allowing you to find forgiveness and love again. 


    A 2-hour Erotic Experience to Reignite Your Passion

    Where the Ancient Art of Tantra Meets the Modern Day Bedroom

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